Professional LED Lighting Services for Your Business

Chris Szabo

Let us guide you through the process LED lighting retrofits and upgrades to your facility.

First of all, a sincere "thank you" for visiting our site. 

We love to help businesses save money and provide safer work environments for their employees.  

LED lighting has many benefits including quick ROI payback, state rebates, product warranties, long life expectancy average 100,000 hours and more.

Most importantly, LED lighting can provide a safer, cleaner and a sense of well-being for your employees.

We are the LED lighting professionals.  We work with you and local certified lighting consultants to design and perform lighting layouts to meet required foot candle levels as needed.

Questions?  Please give Chris a call today at (609) 234-5722.

Why Clients Hire Us

Professional, Reliable Work
You'll get the LED lighting experts and get the job done right the first time.  We'll be on time and on budget!

Clean, Safe Work
Like we're not even there! You'll find minimal interruption to your business as our highly trained professionals work.

The Partner You Need
We'll design and perform lighting layouts to meet your needs.